Monday, January 3, 2011

January 2011 meeting

Houston Blogging Chicks will be holding their January meeting at Central Market, in the upper meeting room.  You can purchase something from the store, deli, or cafe to snack on (no outside food and drinks).

Thursday, Jan. 13
8 pm
Central Market
3815 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX(713) 386-1700 

RSVP on Twitter (@milehimama) or email Lisa.  Come join us for a Blogging Girl's Night Out!
Any area female blogger is welcome to attend- if they can make the meeting, they can come even if they don't live in Houston.

We'll be talking about goal setting and plans for the New Year, and I'd also love to hear from anyone who's gone to Blissdom or has tickets for this year!

This is a great time to find someone to mentor, choose a goal partner, or just share your plans for accountability.

Optional "homework":
 Before the meeting, please spend a few minutes setting goals for your blog for the next year. Why are you blogging? How do you want to see your blog grow? Do you want to earn an income from your blog, and if so, do you want a little extra, a part time income, or a full time income? Maybe you don't want to monetize, but you want to be an influencer, practice your writing skills, or create a thriving community.

Determine what you want. You can share with the group at the next meeting for accountability, encouragement, and support or just keep your goals private. 

If you don't know where you're going, you won't know how to get there!

Check back or subscribe via RSS - I'll be putting up links to great goal setting articles soon!


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  1. hoping to make the meeting, will try for next time.

  2. Should be a good one! Stacey Nerdin (@treerootandtwig) is leading a discussion plus there will be lots of new faces!