Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Frog and Nov/Dec meeting information

We had a great first meeting and I have some great ideas for future topics.

For the November meeting we're going to tackle the big question in everyone's mind with an overview of blog monetization.  UPDATE the meeting topic has changed.  This meeting will focus on the pros and pitfalls of sponsored and review posts.  If you are an expert and would like to speak/moderate the debate, please let me know!  Meeting will be Thursday, November 11 7-9pm and location TBA - subscribe so you don't miss the announcement.

December's meeting will continue with the money theme, this time about how to keep tax records, handling finances, a discussion of PayPal and its features (and alternatives), and how to get your blog house in order for the new tax year.  Make sure you are getting all your deductions!  I'd love to have an accountant speak.  If you have experience or know of someone who can come give a short session on tax deductions, please get in touch!

As we discussed, I've added BlogFrog to this site.  It's a forum, based on this blog.  ANY of you can start a topic and reply at will - it's our own little community.

Don't forget that we have a Twitter hashtag - #houstonbloggers and I also made a list for Houston Blogging Chicks.  If you follow my list, you'll follow all the Blogging Chicks that have Twitter accounts.  You can see my lists on my Twitter homepage.

This group is passing by word of mouth (or, word of Twitter?)  Please feel free to pass along the link and invite any local women bloggers you know.

As always, my email is open so please let me know if you have any questions!

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