Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston Blogging Chicks Meetings and Logistics

Hey, HBCs!

The Central Market room is booked up until June.  In an effort to be more consistent, we'll be meeting on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month from now on.  We'll continue rotating the meetings through the city, in an effort to make at least a few meetings convenient for all bloggers.

The meetings will include free discussion/networking time, a beginner's topic, and a more advanced bloggers topic.  If you have an idea for a meeting, something you can speak authoritatively on, or sometihng that your blog specializes in (such as giveaways), and you'd like to moderate or lead a discussion, let me know and I'll get you on my list!

However, I still need ideas for meeting places!  We've had some great places (Central Market) and some real duds (La Madeleine's, Galleria.)  Leave any thoughts, ideas, places, etc. in the comments. Where would you like to meet?

The meeting schedule for the next few months is as follows:
March 17, meeting North (CyFair, Cypress, Woodlands area)
April 21, meeting West
May 19, meeting South/SouthEast (Pasadena, Pearland)
June 16, meeting Central (inside 610 loop)
July 21, meeting North

I prefer a location that has a room or a separate area so we can have a great discussion without competing with ambient noise.

Location should accomodate all budgets. A restaurant where each guest must order a meal is not ideal.  La Madeleine's, Panera, a cafe, etc. where members can grab a cup of tea, a light dessert, or a full dinner depending on their needs would be a good choice.

You are the expert on your area- so toss out a few ideas!  Also if there is anything you'd like to see as a topic soon, throw that in the comments, too.  Upcoming topics include a full series on monetization (affiliates, ad networks, media kits, selling products/ebooks); using Facebook to promote your site; goal review and check-in; getting great photos for your blog; graphics, headers, buttons, and more (plus how to DIY); working with PR reps; gaining traffic; evergreen content and SEO; family privacy vs. open blogging; and more.

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  1. I'll fill in for Lisa in Feb. until she can get back up and going. Any ideas for a good place to meet in February? The third Thursday would be the 17th. Does that work for everyone?

  2. There is a la madeline at woodway and voss close to 610 and i10. I haven't called to see how much space they have yet. would that work? does anyone have any better ideas for a meeting space with free wi fi?

  3. 610/i10 works for me. bobbie - what's your topic?

  4. blissdom recap from people that went and then blog design

  5. Hey, I didn't know you guys were out there ;) I hope to join up with you guys the next event!
    My blog is

  6. I went to the West University Corner Bakery on 59, near Kirby tonight. Think Panera with dimmer lights. Has free Wifi, but doesn't have a meeting room. It might be an option for the next central meeting.

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