Monday, October 4, 2010

About Houston Blogging Chicks

What is the purpose of Houston Blogging Chicks?  To foster personal relationships and provide a safe place to ask questions and share knowledge and experience.  

What will Houston Blogging Chicks do?

  • Provide Support
    • Talk with like minded women who share your online frustrations.
    • Meet real people trying to balance blog and family.
    • Have a group of friends who will understand and lift you up when you are down from negative comments, a campaign that bombed, or other things that non-bloggers just don’t get.

  • Foster Personal Relationships
    • Get to know each other through face to face interaction as well as Twitter parties, BlogFrog discussions, and digital chatting.
    • Create a trusted circle who “gets” what you do

  • Share Knowledge Education, and Experiences
    • Share knowledge and experiences with each other.
    • Pass on great tips, ideas, and recommendations.
    • Discuss a theme/topic at each meeting, like a mini-conference class.
    • Provide a forum for round table discussions, where everyone gets to speak and share.

  • Network
    • Meet other bloggers
    • Pass along leads, tips, and contacts
    • Bounce ideas off each other
    • Team up for events, carnivals, guest posting

  • What this group is not:
    • A spot simply to market products or services to other bloggers or to fill out your email list
    • A captive audience for something you are trying to sell
    • A place to brag about your stats without adding to the discussion

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